About Me

Adam Chawansky graduated from The Ohio State University in 2006 with a BS in Mathematics.  He moved to NYC to work as an actuarial healthcare consultant for Fortune 500 companies  before deciding to become a teacher.  He was accepted to the 2010 Teach for America corps and taught 7th & 8th grade math in the South Bronx.  In 2012, he earned his Masters in Adolescent Math Education from Fordham University.  Adam also joined Math for America in 2012 as an Early Career Fellow.  He currently teaches 6th grade mathematics at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies.

Brooklyn Rooftop

On Top of the World in Brooklyn

Adam spends more time at school than around the apartment but enjoys socializing on the weekends.  He’s also been known to turn the kitchen into his personal brewery for small periods of time.  Adam is reserved yet adventurous, and though his batteries require alone time to recharge, he is completely sociable.  His keen social awareness, general desire to keep everyone happy, and zen-like gravitation towards flexibility when it comes to the little decisions make him a benefit to any social setting 100% of the time.

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