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Survey Says…

I’ve only had them a day and a half, and I already love my students. They have such personalities, they’re eager to do the right thing, and I have been impressed with their fledgling awareness. The first homework assignment was a student survey with 26 questions designed to provide a picture of my students’ homes, families, interests, desires, and perceptions of themselves and school. Here are some anonymous responses that are especially telling:

(note: student responses are transcribed as precisely as possible)
Q: School would be better if…
A: I was smart!
A: the water fountain was kool-aid
A: it was purple
A: we was not sharing a school
A: students could teach the class
A: we had no metal detectors
I don’t know that I can do much about most of those, but my seating chart is grouped heterogeneously…
Q: When I grow up, I want to be a/an…
A: model or judge
A: dancer or doctor
A: singer or a lawyer
A: policemen / basketball
Goes to show there are some dichotomies students don’t subscribe to!
Q: If I had three wishes, I would wish for …
A: to have all games, 1 billion dollars, & a family
A: my brothers to still live, have unlimited wishes, ma dad to have better job!
A: to be rich and have a great husband and 3 kids.
A: to be rich, have own army, have own town
A: easier puberty for girls, everyone not to steal, cheat, lye or fight and get money easier.
A: 1. help in school 2. money 3. candy
A: study or swim saftley with a shark go to Spain have good life.
A: Life to be more easier, to not have school, and for Love to not exist!
A: my cousin back, the new iPod 4g, and a dog
A: fairy godmother, castle, wings
A: money, more money, my own shoe company
Hilarious, heart-breaking, head-scratching…
The most common responses involved a big house, lots of money, and more wishes.
Q: What is one thing every teacher should know about you?
A: Ima Libra so I am psycho so when Im mad don’t mind me.
A: I am a math GENIUS and this year I want to be challenged.
A: That I dont like to participate
A: I like to cheer people up ^=D
A: I’m sneaky
A: I would the best student if you make the lesson interesting
A: that I try hard
A: I’m lazy
If you wondered why I can’t help but love these kids…
Q: What is one thing you would like to know about me?
A: why did you become a math teacher?
A: how you discipline students
A: are you a fun person?
A: was 8th grade easy for you?
A: do you get frustrated quickly?
A: what do you like to do?
A: what is your greatest accomplishment?
A: why did we have to do this sevrvy?
A: are you famous?
A: what should I know about you?
A: Everything about you
A: Where you come from
A: what is your 1st name?
A: what kind of student was he in school?
I’m planning to give each student who asked a question of me a hand-written response. I think investment is just another word for rapport. And routines & rapport are my main focus for the first week and a half. Plus some interesting math puzzles!
The responses from this survey were above and beyond what I expected. I want to do another student survey for winter break. I’m already planning the questions! Submit any suggestions in the comments.

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